We make several tools for developers using GameMaker: Studio to integrate into their own games, saving time and effort (and therefore probably money also), as they can get on with gameplay and worry less about little things like pausing, saving and loading, and how they will monetise their games...

You can find all of our products on our GameMaker: Marketplace developer page or click the product's title in the descriptions below.


Want to integrate IAPs into your game? EasyIAPeasy makes this... well, easy!

EasyIAPeasy automates all the setup and ensures you have a selection of easily-recognisable global variables to then call in your game. You simply add your IAP product names into an included text file, and the scripts and controller object do all the rest on game start-up - EasyIAPeasy supports every marketplace GM: Studio does.

All this makes setting up your purchases a matter of minutes per IAP and adding purchase buttons just a line of code. Easy!

Package includes a full demo system and an extensive readme with platform-specific "gotchas" you should be aware of, plus lots of debug output, so you can learn the framework before you start to integrate it into your app.

The demo shows how purchase details can be saved in a secure save format file, so you can confirm locally whether the player bought an IAP previously and ensure they don't see unnecessary purchase attempts and get the content they expected unlocked each time. It also shows how to easily restore purchases for your customers or allow them to do it on-demand via an in-game button.

The demo is published on Google Play, Amazon and WP8 marketplaces, so you can even "try before you buy".

We now offer an outsourcing service for IAP integration into your GameMaker: Studio projects, so if you're interested in having someone else doing the work for you, see this blog post


ObSaveLoad shows a safe and easy way to save and load gameplay data.

The LoadGame script uses the secure save/load functionality in Studio to read in a map of all your important data or creates defaults if a save file doesn't already exist. The SaveGame script not only saves your variables, it adds an extra layer of validation by using the game's ID and some values of your choice to build a "verification" value you can use to confirm no-one's cheating.

This package includes a simple demo of how to use the system in your own projects and of course comes with extensive comments.


A simple demonstration of how to make pause screens and suspend gameplay which works best for the application_surface drawing method found in GameMaker: Studio 1.3+.

Shows a "clean" background-only look, a "gameplay snapshot" look, plus a method where you save the application_surface to a sprite and then draw the sprite instead - all of them without leaving the current game room. Also shows how you can spawn pause overlay objects to handle unpausing or other menu actions.

Works in windowed and fullscreen displays, on mobiles and on JavaScript platforms - it even shows you how to pause automatically on Xbox One when the player presses the home button. Comments have been added to highlight where you might expect per-platform quirks.