Ter-Rift-ic News!

(Terrible pun, I know.) My Rift has arrived! My Rift has arrived! I was an original Kickstarter backer, so was one of the jammy sods who got a free consumer edition of the Oculus Rift. Anyway, it arrived Thursday - and it's just awesome to use. Seriously impressive when you're using it and a really nice, well put together peice of kit. Progress on my own stuff might grind to a halt this weekend... Nothing I'm working on right now is a fit for the Rift - and my ambitions have always been for first-person games and lavish environments, which I know isn't achievable for me with everything else going on in my life, so I'm not even going to make promises or start planning any new projects. But I can pretty much guarantee that Cockroaches Vs Cleaners 2 (the original 3D version) will have Rift support ;) If you get the chance to try a Rift, do so!
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