Get Back To Work!

Sorry I've been so quiet recently - my laptop and desktop both gave up the ghost within about 4 days of each other, and then there was a bit of a wait to get replacement desktop parts. The laptop, I'm afraid, is no more... Either way, I ended up upgrading my monitor considerably and beefing-up my graphics card aheead of my Rift turning up soon (eeeek!), so now I'm all set to get on with some actual work. It's been a quiet start to the year for ObSkewer, as the day job has been pretty full-on and family life (and all the damned colds we get at this time of year) s robbed me of a good few working oppoirtunities on the weekends. But hopefully I can get an update to EasyIAPeasy out soon and get back into the swing of things with Cockroaches Vs Cleaners.
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