[Mantis] View Issues Progress Counter

One of the things which has always annoyed me when doing bug triages is when someone asks how far through the list we are, as Mantis doesn't have a handy way of seeing your progress other than "well, I said 100 bugs per page of results, and I know we haven't reached the end of a page, so it's somewhere between 1-100 of the 853 we have to review today".

Now I have added a little "progress indicator" into the page so you can see what report you're on / the number of reports in that filter (or at least the number on that page of that filter). So, instead of this:

Mantis View Issues (before)

...you now get this:

Mantis View Issues (after)

Much clearer!

And here's the code you need to add in to the file bug_view_inc.php:

Mantis View Issues (code changes)