Cockroaches Vs Cleaners

Cockroaches Vs Cleaners is a distilled 2D version of our original 3D tower offence/defence hybrid. You get the same speed and great new gameplay, but less of the 3D and instead a more "traditional" feel and 2D visual style suitable for mobile platforms, one-more-go gameplay, and easing people into the roaches' universe.

The game is being made in GameMaker: Studio as a top-down tower defence game, but with multiple paths per level, several enemy behaviour types, moving towers, resource-gathering, and a streamlined interface - each tower is fit for one terrain, so you click once to always place the tower you want; towers are automated as much as possible; and the UI is stripped-down to only show the information you need when you want it.

We're still in development on the game right now - the basic mechanics and gameplay is all done, so now we're bug-fixing and adding polish ahead of a beta release on the GameMaker: Player intended for late Q1 2016.

The game should be on sale sometime Q2 or Q3 2016 for the GameMaker: Player, Windows UWP platforms, iOS, and Android.